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08 May 2012
V- C- P Formula for Success

'V-C-P' stands for Visibility-Credibility- Profitability. For many of us, breakthrough will not happen over night; it will involve a lot of hard work, consistency and tenacity- whether in a business or career pursuit. The 'V-C-P formula is a simple strategy that many successful people testify to as their secret to getting to the top of the success ladder. VISIBILITY - people...

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03 May 2012
Gamification and learning:Two Truths & a Lie

Employee engagement and participation in learning and development programs has always been a challenge. With the rapid development and deployment of new tools and technology in the workplace, though, there's more to be learned and mastered than ever. Leaders are now looking for methods to tackle this issue head-on, and driving demand for changes in learning managemen. Enter gamification.  The use...

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24 Apr 2012
Riding Upon the Storm

Did you know that the eagle's brain is the size of a pea? This is because the eagle's eyes take up most of its head leaving just a tiny space for the brain. No wonder it never thinks but acts in accordance with Stimuli. But despite the 'pea size' brain, the eagle is one of the most extra ordinary birds...

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30 Jan 2012
Quit Waiting

Quit Waiting! There is a funny story of a man who goes to church and prays, “ God, I need a miracle, give me a break and let me win the lottery”  Not winning the lottery that week, the next Sunday he goes back to church “ Lord I’m counting on you, please give me a break and let me win...

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30 Jan 2012
Start Small finish Big

“Start small, Finish Big” is the title of a book written by Fred Deluca, the co founder of ‘Subway’. Deluca definitely knows about starting small. He started what is now known as Subway in 1965 at the age of seventeen years with a $1000 investment given him by his father’s friend. Today Subway is the fifth largest international fast food...

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