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Quit Waiting

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Quit Waiting!

There is a funny story of a man who goes to church and prays, “ God, I need a miracle, give me a break and let me win the lottery”  Not winning the lottery that week, the next Sunday he goes back to church “ Lord I’m counting on you, please give me a break and let me win the lottery!” The third Sunday he comes back again, “God, about this lottery, I’ve been good, prophesied your promises but no luck, please give me a break and let me win the lottery!” The story goes that suddenly a bright light appeared in the church accompanied by some heavenly music and a deep voice says, “My son, give me a break! Buy a lottery ticket!


This is a funny and obviously untrue story but it really illustrates how a lot of human beings operate. Many of us are always at the level of ‘going to’, ‘planning to’, and ‘intending to’; we are forever occupied with analysing, planning and organising when all we really need to do is ‘take action’.


Jack Canfield, a coach, personal development trainer and writer wrote, “When you take action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitable carry you to success.” John Ruskin, an English art critic and social commentator is quoted as saying, “what we think or what we know or what we believe is in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.”


You see, ‘pursuit is the evidence of desire’. About a month ago a small business owner contacted me enquiring about me delivering some best practice training for her staff. I told her my terms  and thought no more of the enquiry- didn’t even put it in my ‘to follow up’  list, this is because I had had a couple of time wasters make similar enquiries with no intention of commitment. But a few days ago when she invited me to her office for a meeting I knew this person was different- this was a woman who knows that nothing happens until you take action!


Her employees were letting her service down and she ran the risk of losing customers. Getting rid of the staff was not a solution as she could not guarantee the next set being any better. When she opened the company dairy and I saw they had actually printed STAFF TRAINING across the date we were considering, I knew I’d better take her serious and book her in my own dairy!


To be successful in any pursuit, you have to be ‘action-oriented’. You can’t afford to wait for inspiration, reassurance, a more favourable climate, an absence of risk, someone to discover you... because as it is said, time waits for no man! Here is a poem written by Ed Foreman, a man who made his first million before the age of twenty six and then went on to create many successful businesses which include oil and gas, ready-made cement, sand, gravel, and cattle ranching. The poem called Someday Syndrome goes thus:


“Someday when I grow up, finish school and get a job, I’ll start living my life the way I want... someday after the mortgage is paid off, the finances are on track and the kids are grown up, I’ll drive that new car and take exciting trips abroad...someday, now that I’m about to retire, I’ll buy that beautiful motor home and travel across this great country, and see all there is to see...someday”




Gbonju is a UK based certified professional Personal/Small Business Performance Coach, trainer and International Speaker.  She qualifies through the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) and the Coaching Academy. For more information on how you or your organisation can benefit from her services, visit or email

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