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Riding Upon the Storm

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Did you know that the eagle's brain is the size of a pea? This is because the eagle's eyes take up most of its head leaving just a tiny space for the brain. No wonder it never thinks but acts in accordance with Stimuli. But despite the 'pea size' brain, the eagle is one of the most extra ordinary birds on earth. It has the ability to fly higher than any other bird- far to the highest mountain top, beyond the clouds, despite the lack of oxygen at such heights. When other birds run for cover from the storm, the eagle waits for the storm, effortlessly gliding on rising air currents to reach greater heights.

The most fascinating fact, I think, is that the eagle has the ability to adjust her body out of joint in order to ride upon the storm. Wow! What a lesson we humans can take away from that!

2012 continues to be challenging for many- this is not about being pessimistic or negative.  Here in England, there seems no end to government's freeze/cuts ; we hear that there is about 87 applications to every job vacancy! Pension purse continues to shrink and rate of inflation seems out of control. Every day, at least one high street shop closes down. What a storm!

BUT 'tough times don't last; tough people do.'  If you are going to stand tall in this recession, you must get out of the pile- it's time to find a way to ride upon the storm like the eagle; it's time to think, to think hard!

As we pursue our dreams we will face the storms of life, but the deciding factor for success, is how we react to the storms.

Be creative in your thinking, 'necessity is the mother of invention'.


Ask yourself:

  • How can I stand out?
  • What can I do differently?
  • What need is there in the society, career, business oblivious to others that I can meet?
  • What knowledge/skill/attitude do I need to acquire that will give the icing on the cake?


 A Yoruba (one of the major languages in Nigeria) proverb says, "'if we make pounded yam in a leaf and make soup in a groundnut shell, he that would be full, will be full"


Where there's a will, there is a way; you can stand tall...against all odds!



Gbonju is a UK based certified personal/small business performance coach & HRD trainer. Her niches include leadership, entrepreneurship, career progression, self /personal development and Christian living. For more information on how you can benefit from her services, visit or email


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