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Youth Performance Coaching



Peak People Developers Ltd (PPD) is proud to launch our pioneering personal, school performance and career coaching system in Nigeria!

As a professional performance coaching and training organisation that has supported many individuals achieve excellence and fulfilment, we hear clients lament over and over again how shorter and less painful their journey to self actualisation would have been if they had had access to personal and career coaching earlier on in life.

The YOUTH COACHING PROGRAM is an all-round system designed to coach senior secondary, A/Level and university students to develop a pathway strategy for success and fulfilment in life and career.


Coaching is not therapy, counselling, mentoring nor consultancy. The main purpose of coaching is to empower a person to take control of every aspect of their life, along with acceptance of their personal responsibilities, which is an integral part of such control.

Coaching is essentially an interactive process where the coach guides and facilitates the client's progress towards defined goals, aspirations, dreams and desires, helping them clarify their mission, purpose, values, and then supports them achieve it.

The product of the work the client and coach do together is action and learning. These two forces, action and learning combine to create change. The learning generates new resourcefulness, expanded possibilities and stronger muscles for change.


Every day as coaches, we come in contact with disillusioned and frustrated university undergraduates and graduates whose parents are paying through their sweat to send them to top international universities. Some hold degrees they have neither interest in nor passion for, and yet passion is the fuel that drives success! Others made degree choices based on subjects they were good at in school with no one to guide them in seeing the bigger picture and the practicality of such qualifications in their environment.

Our YOUTH COACHING PROGRAM transcends the traditional 'one shoe fits all' approaches. It is innovative- a life, performance and career coaching which will support the students in designing an inspiring and achievable life and career pathway plan from the inside-out! They will be led on a journey of self discovery, connect with who they really are, imagine what life and career they would love and design a personal plan to get there.

Using tested coaching tools and powerful strategies, we will support the young person build the emotional skills they need to take charge and achieve greater well-being and success in all areas of life. In addition, identify the priority areas they need to work on,  create their personal performance plan ( setting short and long term goals)while we help them identify and develop a strategy to overcome their performance blockers.

 The YOUTH COACHING PROGRAM will help the young person:

  • Have an open mind to the possibilities for their life and career
  • Become organised by making both short and long term plans
  • Develop a will power and discipline to follow through on decisions/plans
  • Achieve quantum results by following through on action plans



Group Coaching/Master Mind Class of maximum of eight like -minded youth per group held either face-to-face or online quarterly. Can be done in conjunction with a school or privately organised


One-To-One Personalised Sessions- The student will work with a UK certified coach to design that life, top performance and career pathway plan that will give not just them but their parents pride and fulfilment. The coach will work with them step by step towards implementing and achieving success.

We are based in England but the world has become a global village so difference in location is not a barrier! We have a range of options for our clients- telephone, Skype, face time on ipad or iphone (we have worked with clients as far away as Luxembourg this way!)

During it session, the coach and the student will agree on an action plan which the student will work to achieve before the next session. In between sessions, the students will be e-mailed tools/materials that will motivate and equip them for the journey.

For more information about our 'YOUTH COACHING PROGRAM'

Send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  OR

Call Gbonju on +44(0)7939883590 or +234(0)7084202469


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