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Equality & Diversity Awareness:

creating an inclusive environment


Equality and Diversity (E&D) awareness continues to be of great importance as all levels of government continue to encourage and support an all inclusive society. Equality is today considered in terms of everyone being different but being treated with an equal level of respect, while diversity is based on the concept of recognition, encouragement and celebration of these differences.
There is a sound business case for eliminating discrimination in the workplace. Staff who are subjected to discrimination may be less productive and de-motivated or may resign. This could also damage an organisation’s reputation and affect financial situation, especially for voluntary organisations that depend on continuous funding. If a claim is made against the organisation and the claim is successful the organisation may be ordered to pay compensation.
Promote equality and diversity will:
•      Enhance service levels and client satisfaction
•      Attract and retain talented staff
•      Improve staff morale
•      Comply with anti-discrimination legislation

Course Overview

•       Understanding equality and diversity and its impact on business
•       Celebrating our Differences
•     DVD illustration of best practice
•       Practical tool for creating and inclusive working environment.


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