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helped to put me on the path of excellence and fulfillment.

If I were to give this testimonial a title, I'd call it "How Gbonju helped to put me on the path of excellence and fulfillment".

I first came across Gbonju through reading her articles on personal development in the 'Thisday' Newspaper and the contents resonated with me.  It was at a point in time when I had just started my business and a time, when I realized I wanted to fulfill the potentials I had in me.  However, between potentials and realization, is the process of clarity of purpose, setting goals, planning, and the DOING and WORKING THE PLAN.  It is in the DOING and WORKING THE PLAN that the vast majority of us fail.  Without doing, we are just dreamers and building castles in the air.

 It is in the area of DOING and WORKING THE PLAN that Gbonju's work has really added immense value and put me on the right path. What has she done, you ask, well Gbonju has done the following:

  • Helped me clarify and identify my values by constructively questioning my plans, goal and motivations
  • Helped in giving me perspective especially in the work-life balance
  • Held me accountable to my plans by asking why I hadn't done a particular task by the agreed date and seeking to understand and find out if there is a deeper reason for why I haven't done them (I now know that I put off doing tasks that I don't like or enjoy doing)
  • Helped to with system for making better use of my time through better prioritisation
  • Above all, she has given me the belief that I CAN DO IT

Mr. Y. Johnson (UK)

MD OpenSpaces Compliance Consultants Ltd

I got energised

Gbonju is a very passionate and energetic coach who always empowers me during the sessions. I like her style since I got energised during the session with her. I trust Gbonju as a coach since she has very empathetic and warm way to coach. Also I feel understood by her because of her attentive listening.

I consulted mainly career related topics to be discussed during the session, and thanks to her coaching, now I have clearer view and she certainly contributed on planning better my career life. Overall it was very helpful to have the session with her, specially it was helpful when she reveals my limiting belief and makes me think. I think she is a good coach which I would recommend to my friends.

Raquel N.
Marketing Executive (Luxembourg)

You helped me raise the bar

Peak People Developers appeared on the scene at a stage when my personal goals needed some dose of focus and hard push to get thing moving at the right pace.  The services provided were unique in so many ways from planning to delivery approach.

The professionalism and depth of knowledge demonstrated on how you handle every issue all the way were exceptional. Not only did you help me to get started with my goal on dream, but you helped me raise the bar, enhance my commitment and strengthen my passion to give it my all without feeling pressurised.

Your service is value added.

Kemmy O.
Management Consultant & Public Speaker (UK)

I have produced greater results

Before I started my coaching with Peak People Developers, I had a lot of goals I wanted to achieve but with lack of guidance I was unable to produce any real results.
From day one of the coach experience, It was made clear to me that the coaching experience is all about my goals and my own resources in terms of my strengths, my skills, accomplishment and the most important of all my commitment level.

Through this coaching experience I have learnt how to simplify my goals into small manageable task and the best approach to complete any task I face.

In my short time with Peak People Developers, I have produced greater and outstanding results with mastery of time management and applications of the appropriate actions in every aspect of life which has led to growth as an individual reaching for newer heights and ambitions.

Andy A.
Games Programmer (UK)

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