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V- C- P Formula for Success

'V-C-P' stands for Visibility-Credibility- Profitability. For many of us, breakthrough will not happen over night; it will involve a lot of hard work, consistency and tenacity- whether in a business or career pursuit. The 'V-C-P formula is a simple strategy that many successful people testify to as their secret to getting to the top of the success ladder.

VISIBILITY - people know who you are and what you do. In business, it is a fact that most people buy from who they know; especially if it's a service, because they have built up a relationship based on trust.  it's also most likely that a person doing  some sort of apprenticeship/internship or voluntary work  in an organisation will get a paid post when it comes up rather than someone applying from outside.

So how do you stand out in the crowded world we live in, where so many people are doing exactly what you do, and possibly even better? The first thing is to establish who your target market/people are? In business we call that the 'demographic' - who needs you? Where do they hang out? 'How can you get 'into their face'?

It has become easier and cheaper than ever before to create visibility with the advent of social networking sites- too many to mention. A word of caution though, be careful about where, how and what you are putting out there. Be selective of who you follow or is following you on twitter and is your friend on face book. If they are going to be putting inappropriate comments that will jeopardize your credibility, then you might need to take them out (I just discovered the tab 'unfriend' on facebook!)

Also remember that twitter, LinkedIn and now facebook are linked. So if you use twitter for social and LinkedIn for corporate entries, be careful what you put in twitter because your group member on LinkedIn will see it.

There are other ways of getting your name out there. Any opportunity to network with your target audience or people that can give you referral to them, whether formal or informal is always good. You most likely won't make a sale the first day or the second time you meet, but you start to build a relationship which will lead to 'C'-credibility.

CREDIBILITY - people know who you are, what you do and that you do it well. Most people buy based on perceived value and not necessarily price.  For example, here in England, I know people who buy almost all their house hold goods from John Lewis though it is most times a lot more expensive than the other departmental stores. If you ask these people why, they have remained faithful to John Lewis despite their high price because you can always return the goods back to John Lewis when it goes bad even if past the warrantee period.

Most people buy based on perceived value and not necessarily price.  That's why some designers will never go burst. Despite the seemingly outrageous price of their goods, people continue to buy them because of the respect/value they have placed on these goods. Similarly, head hunters (recruiters) search for people to fill vacancies not necessarily based on their asking salary but how much value they will add to the establishment- just look at professional footballers.

Make sure that as you set the scene to make yourself or your business visible to your target market, that, what you are selling-skill, knowledge, expertise, product, service, does exactly what 'it says on the tin'. I once read a quote that said, "What you are is so loud, I can't hear what you are saying". Inability to deliver on promise is the reason why some goods are selling like hot cakes one day and the next, no one goes near them.  Their advertisement created tremendous awareness and hype, but after one go/try, they fail to convert the visibility achieved to sustainable credible business.

This is why I am so keen and proud to showcase testimonials from my clients because it's a confirmation to me and my prospective clients that I deliver as promised.

PROFITABILITY- People know who you are, know what you do and that you are good at it and therefore are ready to give you referral. One of the most effective and least costly way of marketing is through referral, satisfied customers telling others 'unconverted' about their experience with your good/service. If you can gain credibility from the few clients you got through your online or off line marketing, you can then gradually build up a referral system through them which will guarantee a continuous growth of your business. Flip the coin, if you leave a trail of unsatisfied customers who go around telling others about their experience with you...!

Here in the UK, it's illegal for you to give a former employee a bad reference, but you can choose not to respond to a reference request by another organisation that person has applied to. Do you think anybody will be quick to employ someone whose formal employer refuses to give a reference?

Remember, people buy from who they know, or have been recommended by someone they trust. So, start creating the right visibility for you /business, but be wise about where and what you are putting out there. Be sure you can walk your talk - work on achieving credibility because most people are not stupid and after a while they will see through your bluff. The ultimate motive for all the above is you want to profit-whether by landing that dream job, or bringing your business to the door step of all your target market.

As a certified professional performance coach, my passion is to help people achieve their goal quicker and easier than they could on their own. I can work with you to develop a marketing strategy that will catapult you or your business from where you are to where you want to back guaranteed! You can read what others are saying:



Gbonju is a UK based certified professional Personal/Small Business Performance Coach, trainer and International Speaker.  She qualifies through the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) and the Coaching Academy. For more information on how you or your organisation can benefit from her services, visit or email

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